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Are you a gardener who’s getting tired of all the weeds? Are you fed up with cheap ‘landscape fabric’ that isn’t worth the time of installing? Then it’s time you purchased a KentainMat’s GardenLiner!

The KentainMat’s GardenLiner is a horticultural miracle! Not only does it save you time by removing the necessity to weed your garden, but it also helps your plants grow by retaining moisture and nutrients, and by acting like a greenhouse to warm your plants and their root systems!

With the GardenLiner, you’ll be able to plant earlier! Grow longer! And save your precious time! Instructions to install the GardenLiner are provided below.

Kentain GardenLiner Specifics: 

  • Extra durable 20mil Stone Coloured (grey) PVC
  • UV resistant and safe for aquatic life
  • Industry’s best 3-year warranty!
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to hide with mulch or rocks
  • Prevents weed or grass undergrowth
  • Manufactured locally in Kitchener, ON

Standard dimensions: 

• 6’-0” x 9’-0” 
• 9’-0” x 12'-0" 
• 12’-0” x 18’-0”

Custom sizes available. 

Stop wasting your time and money on thin, cheap landscape fabric! Our competition does not compare to our quality, durability, or prices! Our warranty says it all! An investment into a GardenLiner by KentainMats is an investment in many years of outdoor enjoyment. More questions? Just ask!


GardenLiner Installation Instructions

  1. Prepare the area.
  2. Rototill, or hand till soil to loosen the soil in the area
  3. Remove any grass, debris
  4. Smooth area out so it is flat or if preferred, create mounds or depressions for plants
  5. Place GardenLiner to surface and either bury the edges with soil or secure in place with stones/landscaping rocks
  6. Cut an “X” into each area you wish to plant a seed or place a new plant
  7. With a small spade or shovel, remove enough soil to place plant/seed into place. Replace soil so that the hole is entirely full
  8. Water area as required


  1. Place mulch or landscaping stones over GardenLiner material to hide from view.

Now sit back, and enjoy your new garden and know your investment into a GardenLiner!

GardenLiner 3-year Warranty

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