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KentainMat CarMat customer feedback

The CarMats are looking and working great!

DJ's Home Inspections - Red Deer, Alberta, Canada


Ontario's worst winter? No match for a Kentain CarMat!

With today's snow covering most of south western Ontario in another 3-6 inches of the white stuff, you'd think this winter is never going to end! It might be cold, wet and slippery outside, but if you have a Kentain CarMat, your garage will be ready for the worst! 

The CarMat's patented design is made to contain your vehicles mess, and channel all that unwanted snow, slush and water where it belongs - outside! 

With the winter still upon us, you deserve this, and so does your garage! With the industry's best...

Kentain Mat Customer Feedback - February 24, 2014

"We got our mat last week &  installed it. We are very pleased with the complete transaction and mat! Thanks so much for your help!" - Larry and Linda Perry, Columbus Indiana, USA.

KentainMat Customer feedback

My garage mats are doing exactly what I wanted them to do by keeping my garage floor clean and dry.  Hope these photos are of some use.  Next year I'll have to get another one for my wife's car!

6 more weeks of winter! Time to get a Garage Floor Mat

Bad news: Wiarton Willy saw his shadow = 6 more weeks of cold, snow and slush. 

Good news: Our CarMats are still keeping snow, slush and water out of your garage all winter long!

Fight winter back, get yourself a CarMat and keep your garage clean and dry for the rest of this long winter!