"Just received my 8 X 17 charcoal mat today.  Installed and already laying much flatter that recent product I purchased from the U.S. and returned within three days.  Even though my garage is not heated, I'm sure the slight wrinkles will disappear with a few days. Very pleased and looks great."

- Barry. Vermilion, Ab


 "Let me begin by thanking you and your team for providing such an excellent product at a very reasonable cost. My experience from the ordering of the two vehicle mats for our car and truck and having them shipped, was quick and seamless. These mats have performed flawlessly allowing me to easily control road contaminants and keep my garage floor clean. I was most pleased with the thick gauge of the mat and retaining edges and after this year's winter use convinced that they will last a long time. I feel that your mats have exceeded standards and it has been a pleasure dealing with you."

 - Joe Babiak, Thunder Bay

"I just wanted to say what a great product you’ve created here.
Call me crazy, but I used to obsess over water and slush all
over my garage floor.  My wife parks on this mat now, and it
takes whatever you can throw at it.  We’ve had some pretty
significant snowfall here over the past few weeks, and she’s parked
her car in there looking like a snowball.  Not a drop of water
makes it off of this mat.  I use a squeegee to push the water out of
the garage…it couldn’t be simpler."

- Anonymous


"I tell everyone I know about these. Congrats on a super product!  I‘ll be buying a mat for my ATV shortly! Thanks again!"

- Jon Lowe


"Hi there, just wanted to tell you thanks! the kentainmat that I have bought
for under my car is working great! My garage floor is dry. Have used after
2 snow falls and it does keep all the muck and mess off our garage floor!
this has been money well spent for us, and I will tell all my friends how
good the product is!"

- Cathy Bartman - Windsor, Ontario.

“We use our KentainMat in the winter and roll it up in the
summer. We own a couple mats now and the oldest is 6 year old!”

– Eldon McCutcheon, St. Agatha, ON

 “I am totally pleased with my KentainMat. I have a 1955 Ford Thunder Bird. Not only does the mat look great, the mat also prevents any moisture from rusting out the bottom of my car. BONUS!!!”

– Jack Bowling


 “I have a had a KentainMat in my garage since 2005. I leave it on the garage floor all year round. It is easy to keep clean with a broom in the spring, summer and fall, a squeegee in the winter. It is doing an excellent job keeping my garage floor clean and protected.”

– Carol Psutka, Kitchener, ON


 “We have a lot of salt on our roads here in the Sudbury area. The salt used to eat away the concrete floor in my garage. Now with my KentainMat the problem is solved!!! The salt and slush are all contained in the berms of the mat. Awesome product!!”

– Rick Giroux, Sudbury, ON


"The Garage Mats are doing exactly what I wanted them to do by keeping my garage floor clean and dry. Next year I'll have to get another one for my wife's car."

- John Cunningham., Tri-City area, ON


"As you will see, we finally got snow, and we are putting the mats to the test!"

- Heather and Brent Matthews, Whistler, BC (See pictures from customer in our Blog!)


"We got our mat last week &  installed it. We are very pleased with the complete transaction and mat! Thanks so much for your help!"

- Larry and Linda Perry, Columbus Indiana, USA. (See pictures from customer in our Blog!)


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