About Us

The KentainMat was derived from Kentain’s flexible PVC liner which is used to line large chemical storage tanks in various industrial locations across North America. Kentain liners are built tough to withstand 20+ years of thermal and chemical damage. In 2005, a floor mat prototype was developed and used within our manufacturing facility to contain the slush, salt and outside debris from escaping our fleet vehicles and entering our facility. The product worked instantly and with some slight modifications including the addition of a raised berm (US Patent D513, 460), the KentainMat was created.

Today the KentainMat is widely used in residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural applications. Coupled with its competitive pricing, the KentainMat’s solid construction, and high quality design make it the foremost competitor in floor area containment industry. Whether you are using a KentainMat year-round or rolling it up at the end of the season, this mat is made to last.

Here at KentainMat we are constantly developing new products to share with our customers. 


KentainMats are now sold world-wide through our website and ebay store.