KentainMats Announces Upgraded 10-Year Warranty on PondMats (Pond Liner)

KentainMats, a relatively new player in the Pond liner industry, is well known for their high-quality containment products.  

"Our mission is to make a product that lasts! Whether it be our GarageMats, PetMats, or PondMats, we make products that will last the client a long time! Our craftsmanship is unmatched in the water/liquid containment industry, and as of today, our PondMat warranty backs up that claim." said Mat Vaughan, Sales Manager  

As of today, the PondMat warranty has been extended from 5-years to 10-years. 

"It's not that we changed anything about our PondMats. They are same PondMats we have been selling for years. What we have been finding is that they are lasting much longer than we had ever thought possible. Unlike most pond liners and other water containment liners out there, our PondMats are heat welded together so that they are one-piece. This removes the weak points in the installation process and creates a liner that is much more sound than anything available on the market. Our ability to custom make our liners for our clients specifications has really set us apart from our competition and it's time our warranty shows that.  

Don't be fooled by false warranties. The water liner market is full of them. We are upfront and honest about our water containment liners, and go as far as to post our warranty right on our website. Show me another water containment liner company that does that."  

The KentainMats' PondMat is starting to get a lot of attention and is recognized as one of the best water containment liners on the market.  

"Orders have been coming in quite steadily, and I imagine as more installers find out about us, this trend will only continue." says Vaughan.  

Interested in having your own backyard pond or water feature? Contact KentainMats today and order your PondMat for this spring/summer.  



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