How to build a pond or fountain

Spring is in the air and that means it's time to start focusing your attention on things to do outside! If you've ever wanted to build your own pond or water feature the first consideration you're going to need to make is how are you going to retain the water? Well, here at KentainMats, we have your answer!

The PondMat is not only one of the most durable products on the market, it also happens to have a 10-year warranty! What makes our PondMat different than other water liners out there is that all of our PondMats are one-piece construction. That means no seams, no adhesives, and no leaks! It also means that installation takes a fraction of the time to complete and is so easy anyone can do it. 

The PondMat is also UV resistant, and safe for aquatic life like fish, plants and reptiles.

And in case you thought that was it, the best part is that the Kentain PondMat is completely customizable! We will build your liner to fit your project! Ask us about our custom prices.

So if you are considering installing your own pond, fountain or landscape water feature, start with the PondMat for the industry's best water containment liner!

For more information about our PondMat water liners, please visit the PondMat webpage at


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