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How to build a pond or fountain

Spring is in the air and that means it's time to start focusing your attention on things to do outside! If you've ever wanted to build your own pond or water feature the first consideration you're going to need to make is how are you going to retain the water? Well, here at KentainMats, we have your answer!

The PondMat is not only one of the most durable products on the market, it also happens to have a 10-year warranty! What makes our PondMat different than other water liners out there is that all of our PondMats are one-piece construction....

KentainMats Announces Upgraded 10-Year Warranty on PondMats (Pond Liner)

KentainMats, a relatively new player in the Pond liner industry, is well known for their high-quality containment products.  

"Our mission is to make a product that lasts! Whether it be our GarageMats, PetMats, or PondMats, we make products that will last the client a long time! Our craftsmanship is unmatched in the water/liquid containment industry, and as of today, our PondMat warranty backs up that claim." said Mat Vaughan, Sales Manager  

As of today, the PondMat warranty has been extended from 5-years to 10-years. 

"It's not that we changed anything about our PondMats. They are same PondMats we have...

KentainMat Customer Feedback - March 19, 2014

Here are a couple photos from our Plant. The mats are being used to store drums of polymer when not in use. Polymer spills can be very messy and slippery to clean up, and the mats work great!

Torri Green, ID, USA.

KentainMat CarMat customer feedback

The CarMats are looking and working great!

DJ's Home Inspections - Red Deer, Alberta, Canada


Ontario's worst winter? No match for a Kentain CarMat!

With today's snow covering most of south western Ontario in another 3-6 inches of the white stuff, you'd think this winter is never going to end! It might be cold, wet and slippery outside, but if you have a Kentain CarMat, your garage will be ready for the worst! 

The CarMat's patented design is made to contain your vehicles mess, and channel all that unwanted snow, slush and water where it belongs - outside! 

With the winter still upon us, you deserve this, and so does your garage! With the industry's best...